PingTune was the first ever music messaging app addressing the market demand for a mobile application with a dedicated focus on sharing audio and video content


UX, UI, Motion


Leading from day one

As the first employee, I have owned all design stages from research through journey mapping, user flows, wireframing, prototyping to the visual design. Conducted bi-weekly user testing sessions and worked close to developers to ensure every release was a true representation of all product work.

Consistent iconography

Designed an icon set with easy to understand and fun to use icons. By designing a custom set, I was able to ensure visual harmony across the app and create a coherent communication system.

Search external libraries

With Pingtune, users could easily find music and music videos from several external music sources (Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify, iTunes...), save them or send them to their friends.

Making music more personal

Pingtune was designed to be a music inbox where every song has been specifically shared with the user and can be listened to at any time. Engaged artists like Lethal Bizzle have released new tracks exclusively through Pingtune directly into fans' inboxes which proved to be a success.  

Straightforward signup

We designed a signup flow with 90% conversion rates and most users giving Pingtune permission to access their phone contacts, gallery, and camera.
To achieve such good numbers, I have continually tested and iterated flows an design with the target audience.

Pingtune has been acquired by Eros Internacional in October 2015 ´╗┐

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