Kliq Chat

The messaging app offered more freedom and creativity around social messaging with an in-app store with all kinds of rich media


UX, UI, Motion


Refining wireframes and flows

The client was looking for someone who could take his quick wireframes and vision to the next level, evolving them and fleshing out some of the complexities of a social messaging app.

Joyful and friendly colors

Teenagers were the audience for this app and we wanted the brand to be modern and approachable, hence the colorful vibes which, at the time, helped standing out from other messaging apps. The palette conveys a sense of friendship and curiosity.
phone, friends

All-in rich media

There is a certain user expectation inherent to any mobile app, especially when we target teenagers. Obviously, if we are messaging, we want to be able to send certain types of media. Kliq has all the rich media users wanted to send to their mates - photo, video, voice, location, and more...
hand 2

Chats become memories

As a way to bring emotion into the app, for every piece of media shared in the chat, a timeline of memories was created in the group profile where users could scroll through media as well as inviting new members

In-App Store

To turn messaging even more engaging, we have built in-app store functionality with all sorts of media packs such as sounds, emojis, animated emojis and gifs.

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