Connecting the world through music, crowdmix is the place where bands, fans and brands collide.


Brand, Design direction & Motion


Visual direction

We were addressing a broad audience of music lovers but wanted to feel exclusive too. We have positioned the brand as bold but clean with enough space so the content could speak out.

Conceptual design with motion

Designing a product that felt musical, personal and exclusive all at once was itself a challenge. But it wouldn't feel right to build for such a premium community without thinking where and how transitions would actually be beneficial to the experience. Being such a minimal brand, we had space to bring animations into the design thinking and give users context and feedback

Disruptive social player

One of Crowdmix's USPs was the social player where users can find people listening to the same songs, crowds and events where the song is top of the chart or even friends who listen to the same types of music as well as similarities with celebrities.
social player

Iterating discovery

We have conducted regular user testing sessions so test a range of discovery models and gauge interest amongst the audience. The team has worked on a recommendation algorithm which allowed us to design a discovery model where users would be recommended with crowds, songs and artists they might like based on their behavior in a seamless and visually engaging way.
discovery 1
discovery 2

Friendly empty states

We haven't underestimated the value of empty states and, for us, it was as important as any other piece of design to achieve a fully engaging experience. It's a way to delight but also to retain users, not forgetting that extra bit of feedback that will give them some context when things don;t go as planned

A desktop platform for brands

Not only we built a social app, we have also  designed and built solid B2B tools for brands and celebrities to manage their fan base, audience and also their performance in Crowdmix.
crowdmix web

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